3 Ways Thomas Is My Easter Doppleganger

We all know his name. Thomas, as he was called, or “Doubting Thomas” as we humorously name him today, has a permanent place in the history of Grace. In John 20:24-29 (see below), Thomas has an encounter with the Easter … Continue reading

This Is One Of The Most Magical Websites I Know

I am so grateful tonight. My good friends at The Work Of The People are continuing to make short, one voice films that are literally changing my world. Voice after voice, I am arrested in my heart. Walter Brueggemann Miroslav … Continue reading

3 Ways To Make Your Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday, And Easter Season More Meaningful

I heard her singing downstairs, as always. My wife, one of the most remarkable human beings I’ve ever met, is also one of the most devoted followers of Jesus I know. She was humming In Christ Alone, and I, upstairs, … Continue reading

My Goodness. The Morning And Night Collective.

It’s #3 in the free section of NoiseTrade. The Morning And Night Collective has done it again. I believe there is Creational/Sacred music and artistry that must be fanned into flame in our generation. This is some of it. If … Continue reading