3 Powers Of Downbeat Time (Starting Rehearsals On Time Is A New Phrase Away)

It’s Sunday morning, and rehearsal was supposed to begin at 8:00 am. Your electric guitar player shows up, as requested, at 8 on the dot – but then takes 20 minutes to set up his gear. Is there a better way to start rehearsal on time?

Downbeat Time

You bet there is, and strangely enough, I didn’t discover it until I had already been leading worship for 15 years. It’s called Downbeat Time, and the phrase is revolutionizing worship rehearsals everywhere.

7 Steps To Running A Great Worship Rehearsal

Rehearsing is just plain, hard work. Every worship leader, band member, and pastor I know all loves the end result of rehearsal – seamless music, the rising and falling of beautiful, passionate worship, and the silent hum of a well-oiled community doing ministry together. But as I said, rehearsal is just plain, hard work.

7 Best practices

Achieving the end result of rich worship times is dependent, at least in part, on confident musicians executing a song – and an entire set – in a sonically beautiful manner.

And that takes rehearsal (unless you’re playing with a bunch of professional musicians).

The Fraction Principle: How To Make Beautiful Music By Playing Less

The Fraction Principle is, perhaps, the most important band-arranging principle any musician, worship leader, or arranger can implement immediately to make their music start sounding 100% better.

DW Blog The Fraction Principle

I first heard about The Fraction Principle from my master arranger/co-writing buddy, Bruce Ellis. He spoke in terms of the “Layering Principle” (which includes The Fraction Principle, plus other ideas on building a band’s sound from the ground up).

Then I heard Brian Doerksen, well-known worship leader and songwriter, speak of a similar idea he called The Fraction Principle.

Whatever you want to call it, this is THE game changing idea for worship leaders arranging bands, and musicians attempting to make beautiful music.

An Open Letter To My Fellow Worship Leaders: The Secret To The Most Effective Worship Leading On Planet Earth

My Fellow Worship Leaders: In the short space of this blog post, I’d like to respectfully offer what I see to be the powerful secret at work within the most effective, influential, and impacting worship leaders/songwriters of our generation.

The Secret Open Letter

The following is my observation, gathered over 25 years.

Many worship leaders are skilled in leading worship. A smaller number are strongly gifted to lead worship. Even fewer still, in my view, are distinctly called to lead worship as a vocation.

And yet I perceive that even fewer still, of all those leaders, have learned the real secret to the most effective worship leading on planet earth today.

Message Resource: 3 Ways The Battle Of Christmas Is Won By Worship

Every shiny red bulb we hang on the tree this season is artillery in the greatest conflict of our time. Christmas is a battle. The modern push to secure a salvation that is essentially human in nature – from crisis to solution – demands that Jesus be anything but God and man. The spirit of our age wages war on Christmas at every turn, even as stockings are quietly hung by the chimney with care. Christmas worship can be used by God to help us win this battle within us, and by extension, in the world around us. Here are 3 ways how.

3 Ways The Battle Of Christmas

We Are In A Real Battle – For Our Christmas Allegiance

Every philosophy of our age will fight to keep Jesus man at best, and diminish him to the size of our cultural values, political persuasions, and religious upbringings.

Those philosophies will seek to convert us through virtually all the movies, music, and the media of our time (though you and I can and should appreciate the art of much of them).