My Response To “5 Reasons Jimmy Fallon Is One Of The Best Worship Leaders In The World”

My daughter showed me the post someone shared on Facebook. I’ll be honest; when I saw the title, I was angry. I even ranted in our kitchen. The title (and, I assumed, the post that would follow) was taking another pop-culture hunk out of the high calling of worship leadership. She said, “It’s viral; people really love it.” I said, “Of course they do.”

The 1-2-2

“Why do they love it?” I went on. “The writer put the name ‘Jimmy Fallon’ in the title, the URL, and his face in the header image. Can you say ‘SEO win?’ Jimmy is popular.” That’s not a judgement on the author; it was just my observation in a cranky moment with a title I didn’t like.

That was all before I actually read the post. I promised my daughter I would not respond until after I had read the post.

Now, I can respond.

The Power Of Communion: Where Past & Future Meet [Mark 14:12-26]

This is, perhaps, the most important message I’ve ever taught on Communion/The Eucharist. The unusual part is that it was a last minute message; our pastor was sick and I was asked to fill in. What came out of my heart, less filtered than normal, is in this message audio.

Wilt Communion Past Future

How To Add 1.5 Months Of Active Days To Your Year

My wife and I did some math the other day. On average, she needs about 2 hours more of sleep each night than I do. After some quick calculations, we were quite surprised at the impact that has on our week – and our year.

Add 1.5 Months

I, apparently, have accessed about 52 full, active days per year more than she has.

Just by waking up earlier.

“That explains a lot,” she said. “I need a nap,” I said.

Here’s how it works.

3 Powers Of Downbeat Time (Starting Rehearsals On Time Is A New Phrase Away)

It’s Sunday morning, and rehearsal was supposed to begin at 8:00 am. Your electric guitar player shows up, as requested, at 8 on the dot – but then takes 20 minutes to set up his gear. Is there a better way to start rehearsal on time?

Downbeat Time

You bet there is, and strangely enough, I didn’t discover it until I had already been leading worship for 15 years. It’s called Downbeat Time, and the phrase is revolutionizing worship rehearsals everywhere.

7 Steps To Running A Great Worship Rehearsal

Rehearsing is just plain, hard work. Every worship leader, band member, and pastor I know all loves the end result of rehearsal – seamless music, the rising and falling of beautiful, passionate worship, and the silent hum of a well-oiled community doing ministry together. But as I said, rehearsal is just plain, hard work.

7 Best practices

Achieving the end result of rich worship times is dependent, at least in part, on confident musicians executing a song – and an entire set – in a sonically beautiful manner.

And that takes rehearsal (unless you’re playing with a bunch of professional musicians).