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22 thoughts on “My Gmail Account Was Hacked – The Fix Made Simple.

  1. Dan,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry that you have had to deal with this, but I’m appreciative of this information. I’m saving it in case I ever need it.

  2. what a drag! i got the email from you at an old email address, which is hopeful … but i did most of the tasks on your list tonight … and will finish up tomorrow. thanks dan … you are such a nice guy to share all of this.

  3. Last weekend I was hacked. I changed passwords on my hotmail and gmail. it took ages to sort and was cumbersome. I will follow yr steps here. At the end, i still say bless them Lord!

  4. So sorry this happened to you, Dan!

    Another thing to consider…anytime you log in to a public wi-fi (i.e. Starbucks, etc.) anyone with “firesheep” ( a Firefox add on) and the knowledge of how to use it (why else would they have the add on if not to use it?) can snag the passwords of any account you log into while they are sniffing you.)

  5. I love it.. So cool to see you passing on the golden learned in the fire… well done bro. Sorry for the painful experience.. Now we can officially call you for our hacker needs!

  6. Thank you so much I learned a great deal just from this site I don’t need to search any others! You may not be a techie but you helped me immensely! Thank you

  7. I have three emails due to problems with face book but on one of them I believe was hacked because in my sent file my full name was sent to a total stranger and I have be receiving so much spam, and I’m just a kid I never use that email could it be possible that someone is using it on stuff because I also receive strange emails that dont alway go to spam and some have be sent to my parents I’m trying but what should I do. Please help
    : email advice at

  8. Thank U for this article. You are right about my frustration and so on. But now, I am ready to use my account after somebody hacked my account for two days. Thank you again, and regard.

  9. I know someone is hacking every account i have how or wjat can i change to keep him out of my phone he has a gmail account set up thats really mine but come back all his info but i got in it emailed myself and it come back as my email. Can anyone help me.

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