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My dream is that you find something here to encourage you, or to share with someone who needs to be encouraged. There is always hope, and worship leads us to its Source.

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8 thoughts on “My Books and Ebooks

  1. Just read your e-book “Worship White Noise” and loved the way it got me thinking! Are there any other resources you’ve written on this topic (semantics of worship, changing the mindset of how we teach worship values to our congregation, etc.) apart from your blog? Also, thank you for your valuable teaching and mentoring in this genre of life.

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  5. In Bahasa.
    Saya sangat iri dengan Anda. Karena Anda telah “menjadi” yah menjadi seseorang yang dapat menjadikan dirinya tampil hebat untuk hidup di muka bumi ini

    terima kasih