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Sam Yoder | Erica Sharlow | Dan Wilt – “In Your Arms” (Writing Session Video)

You turn all my loss to gain.

Intimacy with God is often found in the midst of our greatest pain and suffering. And it’s then that we need simple songs that can give us words to pray when words fail us. This collaboration gives language to the heart looking for a place of intimacy and rest – in the arms of the Father.

In Your Arms
Sam Yoder | Erica Sharlow | Dan Wilt

| Verse 1 |
Peace, God of peace
You wrap me in your jealous arms
Near, you hold me near
You walk me through the great unknown
| Prechorus |
God, my heart rests in you (2x)
| Chorus |
In your arms
I where I belong
Your love is my everything
In your arms
I’m weak but you’re strong
Your grace is enough for me
| Verse 2 |
Joy, God of joy
You turn all my loss to gain
Trust, I will trust
There could be no other way
| Bridge |
Neither death nor life
Could separate me from your loving arms
There are no depths nor heights
That reach beyond your
Your everlasting arms


Make This Christmas Your Own

A Song About The "More" Of Christmas

25 years ago this simple Americana-Country Christmas song, written by my good friend Bruce Ellis and I, began. It’s a prayerful request for the “more” of Christmas to shine through for all of us.

Bruce and I were reconnected in recent years again in Nashville – a true songwriter’s city – and we realized how much we both love the song born all those years ago. So, we decided to do something fun with it – to support our local Nashville Rescue Mission.

With the help of Nashville music producer Sam Ellis, as well as filmmaker and great friend Ryan Smith, we put the song to music and a performance video.

On a (fun) Saturday we captured the main footage, which was shot in the historic setting of Tulip Street Methodist Church sanctuary in Nashville, home of the Nashville Vineyard (who graciously let us use their gorgeous building).

True to a thread of the Nashville sound, this Americana song (where some of my own musical roots lie) points to the deeper meaning of the Christmas season.


When Time Stops

Are Your Days Passing In A Blur?

This week my daughter Abigail, age 24, was in a bad car accident in a city hours away from us. I received her call in the morning, while my mind was racing with the day’s work concerns. But the moment I heard the tone of her voice, my world stopped.

Time stops when tragedy occurs in our lives. And the gift of near-tragedy is that it pauses us long enough to realize how precious the time we have been given really is. And for us, thankfully, this was a near-tragedy.