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Welcome to 10 Ways to Stir the Waters of Your Creativity! I’m excited for us to begin exploring 10 core, practical ways we can curate our creative lives to produce important works of art over a lifetime.

Grab your journal, and let’s begin. Each of the 4 main sessions is between 15-25 minutes long, so I would encourage you to watch one per week for 4 weeks so you can begin to apply the principles discussed. Fill your journal with the new habits and practices that you will integrate into your life.

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Session 1 | The Wild Nature of Your Creativity

We are wired for creativity; what types of creativity are you wired for, and how does it serve others?

Session 2 | Water as a Guiding Metaphor

Water is fluid, and needs a channel to run in. What movements in you have been stopped, set free, or spread so thin they lose their impact? How does your creativity bring order to chaos?

Session 3 | Ways to Stir the Waters, Part 1

Our first 5 areas of creative process explore how we get “flow happening” in areas we’ve been blocked, and how we can remove those blockages.

Session 4 | Ways to Stir the Waters, Part 2

How can we take the wild within us, and bring it into a tame response to God—a response that retains our sense of strength and adventure. How do we keep from dissipating our creative work?

Conclusion | You, Inspired to Create

Say yes to the dynamic life of creativity within you. Say no to stagnant creativity, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, your own heart, and the service of others.

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