3 Word Lessons: Stack The Set, Prepare For Spontaneity, Follow The Leader

Here are some more 3 Word Lessons for worship leaders and teams that are meant to stick.

Stack The Set.

Make the majority of your worship set out of songs the congregation knows and loves. Familiarity, when tastefully applied, can fan into flame the expression of people’s hearts. You’ll be amazed at the results. Stack the set.

Prepare For Spontaneity.

Diligently plan the songs, transitions, and order of your set for the gathering. Then, after your band is secure and you are confident, you have more grace all around to deviate in moments from the prepared set to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Prepare for spontaneity.

Follow The Leader.

If you are the worship leader, keep consistent eye contact with your pastor for any directional input. If you are a band member, keep your eyes on the worship leader and go where they go. If everyone is following a leader, it brings a sense of clarity to a worship gathering. Follow the leader.

[ excerpted from 3 Word Lessons: 52 Weekly Lessons For Teams ]

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