30 Hour Famine: A Mission Accomplished

Just did the 30 Hour Famine with 7 junior high’ers. Had a good time; they raised over $1300 for kids battling AIDS in their family, needing food and clean water.

One mission among thousands smaller and greater to be done, but one mission complete nonetheless.

We did a food and clothing give-away with our church community; the kids even wanted to serve others their lunch meal! Tough kids.

FoosBall, Narnia and Paper Football really helped. Kids did a massive graffitti wall, too, I’ll post some pics of later.

We talked about “the least of these,” the “haves and the have nots,” and becoming the “least to be the greatest.”

We also did a “Whine To Water Prayer”; i.e. everytime someone wanted to whine about their hunger, we would join in a circle and pray a “water prayer” – a written prayer for God’s love to run to the lowest places for which we were doing the famine. Worked great, after one whine, we never needed to pray it again.

I think my kids left with a refreshed worldview, and they certainly grew in their heart for those in need, recognizing that they may be the “have not” at some point, when it comes to food, water and health.

Now… must… have… break….

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