4 Great Free Font Sites For Churches

Fonts speak a message, and are vital to any creative work in a local church or ministry. In fact, I don’t know of a church or ministry that couldn’t use a constant supply of fresh, great fonts for video display, promotions, or print.

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Design is demanding, and you can’t always use Helvetica Neue to save the day. (If you use Papyrus to save the day, you MUST try some of these other fonts as soon as humanly possible).

4 Great Free Font Sites

Having searched the world over for great fonts for which I don’t have to pay, I’ve listed a few of my favorite spots to grab some fresh, clean, killer typography.

1. Canva.com

This is the one site every church or ministry must be on. And it’s free. Lots of fonts here. Always updated. It’s the win.

2. Creative Bloq

I love this site. Subscribe to their newsletter, and pick up “The Font Of The Day” as they are released. These guys also give great tips if your work involves Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.

3. The League Of Moveable Type

TLOMT is a fantastic resource for free fonts. Some of my favorites reside here, and their Manifesto is good read on the open-source movement.

4. Font Squirrel

You have to do some searching once you get here, but some great fonts are available that will spice up your visuals.

Remember, clean fonts (fonts with little to no embellishment) are very contemporary in feel. More flourishes on a font can date it. One of my current favorites is Bebas Neue. Look around these sites to find what you need – and list other sites you discover below.

[ Note: Whenever you can, pay or donate for fonts. It’s just good form. It takes an experienced designer to craft a great font, so be happy to pay for quality work whenever necessary.]

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