Build An Orphanage In Mozambique

Here’s a post from good friend Jeremy Wright, that directs you to aid a good friend of mine, Jeff Way, on his way to make a big difference with a group from our community in Mozambique.

Read below, and if you can dive in, it would change a few people’s worlds. Behind you all the way, Jeff.

From Jeremy Wright’s blog:

“Back in the old days, I was fairly active in trying to encourage readers to give to various charities and activities. In fact, in 2004, Ensight readers gave more than 20K$ to charities (and about the same in 05 actually).

Now, obviously the readership of Ensight has changed as it’s transitioned from a higher end business and tech blog to my personal blog, but a friend of mine has an ambitious little project going, and I felt it would be good to promote it here.

I’ve gone ahead and donated 25$ (all I had in my PayPal account), so I’m not asking anyone to do something I haven’t personally done as well.

As you can see from his Robin Hood Fund page, my friend Jeff is looking to help build an orphanage in Mozambique (one of the most AIDS-riddled countries on the planet). He’s attempting to raise 8000$ to fly he and his wife there so they can work with local workers to build this orphanage.

You can voice your support in one of three ways (or all of these 3 ways):

1. Go to the Robin Hood Fund page and vote for his wish. More votes means more of a chance he’ll get the cash from the Robin Hood Fund.

2. Blog about this.

3. Give some cash from your PayPal account, even if it’s just the “what’s left” few dollars you have there, I know Jeff will really, really appreciate it.

And that’s it!”

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