Georgia Conference

Just arrived in Marietta, Georgia, and a few hundred worship leaders and musicians are gathered here. What a great group of faithful creative leaders, and what a great community to call my immediately family in the Vineyard fold.

Mike O’Brien is giving an excellent word on the heart issues of the community of God – specifically related to the idolatries of the age. He has no idea I’m blogging – he must think I’m taking detailed notes. I wanted you to join the fun.

Right now, he’s walking across the front of the stage with a blanket full of lifting weights representing idols of the heart. Nice image – gets the point across. About 8 people have come up so far with big weights, and he’s dragging ’em along. Don’t try this at home.

I’m prepping for a late rehearsal tonight, and an early morning gathering to get ready for worship in the morning. Musicians work so hard at these things – little sleep and few breaks, and about 5 worship leaders and sets to prep for.

And yet, the expressions of worship at the event are so vital, because the people are vital to God. Why are events important? Because the people who gather are important.

More tomorrow once I get a good nights sleep. I start teaching tomorrow evening (Friday) and Saturday morning, so if you’d be willing to pray for this whole gathering, and these few hundred worship musicians to make spiritual progress, it would be a gift.

Praying as you read this blog post is enough.

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