Learning, Relearning & Unlearning

I’m preparing to teach a new course, Contemporary Worship Leadership, at St. Stephen’s University in a week or so.

It’s exciting to finalize the syllabus, and to consider the gift of contemporary worship expression in enriching both the full body of worship work done through the ages, and in enriching our emerging communities of faith in the world.

Writing the chapter and responses for Broadman Holman’s new worship book (to be released next year) continues to be an exploration both of what is evident in the 21st century Church, and what is less evident in my own heart — namely the nature of worship that arises from people saturated in postmodern cultural milieus.

I am also reconsidering the necessity we all have to learn, relearn, and unlearn in our process of growth.

Learning is usually exhilarating, if the subject holds our interest.

Relearning can be renewing, as we remember core truths that have inspired and centered us in the past.

Unlearning is a grueling process requiring humility, forgiveness, mental effort and spiritual strength.

I’m praying for my students to have the maturity it takes to embrace all three of these growth opportunities, and to reliquish their minds to God as they develop both philosophy and skills that will serve the Church and the culture.

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