A Beautiful Story

We are fighting for a Story, in a day that distrusts everyone’s meta-story (i.e. the postmodern influencers believe that every declaration of knowledge is an act of power against somebody else).

But, there must be a way to critique the better from the best.

We form, or reform our stories in every generation:

God is beautiful, man is crummy, the cosmos is crummy.


God is crummy, man is beautiful, the cosmos is beautiful.


God is crummy, man is crummy, the cosmos is crummy.


God is beautiful, man is beautiful, the cosmos is beautiful.


God is beautiful and perfect, man is beautiful but bent, the cosmos is beautiful but disturbed.

Which one is a foundation we can build a human Story on; a cosmic Story?

I choose the last one, and fold in the broken and bent heart of man — when Individualism overtook Individuality in the garden; when Autonomy was preferred above Community.

I choose to see all of life as beautiful. You?

A Story is slowly starting to work for me. I can live in this Story, and all its paradox.

We want not just the good or right result, but the beautiful result.

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8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Story

  1. One of the things that leaves us vulnerable to the charge of imposing a dangerous meta-story is the implication that this story is a single story that by itself makes sense of everything. I love the comparison of mini-stories (God is beautiful… ) and the final one is a wonderfully succinct statement that says a lot.
    If I am going to use the language of meta-story or meta-narrative, I want to be sure about a couple of things: 1) that the meta-story is actually a wonderful living dance of meta-stories, 2) that the cross is at the heart of the meta-stories that is offered to the world with great vulnerability rather than imposed power.

  2. Walt Thiessen is our prfessor of Psychology and Counseling here at SSU, and teaches much on Narrative.

    Walt, could we say “One Story we bear in the world, is a living dance of stories, offered in great vulnerability to beautifying of God, human beings and the cosmos.”

  3. I’ve been thinking about the question and I keep getting stuck on the motive for the emphasis on “One Story.” I think I could be convinced, but I wouldn’t want it to come from the kind of motive that has trapped the church into thinking there is value in defending the notion of “absolute truth.” That notion has been a red herring for so long; defending the idea of absolute truth – which has no practical relevance to life that I have ever been able to understand – has only made us appear arrogant and unavailable for dialogue.

    On the other hand, if the motive is to express a more mystical, underlying unity to the dance of meta-stories I referred to – I think I’m there.

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