A Day In The Land Of Wee Giants

I was going morning, noon and night since we got here in Northern Ireland, so I haven’t had a chance to update.

The What Is Worship? event couldn’t have gone better. Rich worship times (co-leading with Kathryn Scott), wonderful interactions in the teaching/workshop session, and lots of great times with our Irish friends from Port Stewart and Belfast. Oh, good Guiness in the homeland.

It’s been a blast doing the event with Peter and Mary Ellen Fitch, too. We blend well on so many levels. Playing with Callum Rees, Matt Weeks, Jesse Duley, Claire, Dave and Kathy has been just plain over the top fun.

You make music a tapestry of groove and sonic wonder — thanks for creating a transcendant atmosphere for people to encounter God.

More later. Big ferry ride after the Great Big God children’s event we do today at the Causeway Coast Vineyard.

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