It Is A Gospel Of Power That Will Change The World

No Meme, Post, Lyric, Or Teaching Will Change A Destiny.

If we believe a Gospel of words will change our culture, we are misguided. It is a Gospel of power that changes lives. Lives changed by the power of God, in turn, create a culture that has the power to change culture.

Words convey powerful ideas, but no meme, post, lyric, or teaching will change a destiny. It is the Spirit’s power working through words, or perhaps more accurately, words formed by and articulating the leading Gospel of power, that will bring transformation.

God’s power is most profoundly expressed through His all-surpassing Love. Every sign and wonder God gives, every renewing experience of grace and forgiveness, is powered by God’s heart for humankind.

If we want a Gospel of power, we must first welcome the Gospel of Love to overtake our own hearts. Having tasted the healing and restoring gift of God’s Love, we are then empowered to embody that same Love to the world around us.

In this we see that power only finds its healthy foundation in Love. Power, uprooted from a loved heart that loves in return, will corrupt everything it touches – including the one that holds it.

A Gospel of power, motivated by love and flowing from loved hearts, will manifest itself in miracles that change the heart, heal the body, restore the mind, free the emotions, and alter the systems of this world.

It is a Gospel of power, rooted and established in a Jesus-vision of Love, that will change the world.

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2 thoughts on “It Is A Gospel Of Power That Will Change The World

  1. I’m afraid that the churches being formed today which have the prosperity msg rather than the Gospel won’t deliver that Gospel. We need a “Great Awakening” in this country prefaced by multitudes of people following 2nd Chronicles 7:14. The verse is not taken out of context in todays world because God is the same yesterday, today and forever. This is his word for us today prefaced by the conditional phrase “If my people who are called by my name…..”.