A Great Chat: When Friends Inspire

I just came off a great chat with dear friend and colleague, Jeremy Wiebe.

Jer teaches Philosophy here at St. Stephen’s University, and in his thirties is one of the most profound and beautiful thinkers I know in the worlds of justice, cultural influence and faith integration. He’s a lover of wines and laughter, philosophy and justice, family and writing, and the worship of Jesus.

Over a slice of pizza, we talked about funding greatness in people, righting wrongs through radical life investment, voicing truth in a thousand ways, lifting local economies, integrating justice and the arts through worldview education, our beautiful wives, and more.

He walked back across the lawn to our main building to work on his thesis; I walked back across the lawn to another building to work in my world. But it was a moment of friendship convergence – a gift of dream-playing and hope-stirring that went far beyond the bounds of the reasonable into the borderlands of the transcendent.

Cheers to great chats with friends that live for, and inspire us to see, the Bright Tomorrow.

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