A Little Hiking, A Little Spiking

I was just hiking through the outback of New Brunswick with my kids and friends, Gary and Joy Best at their new Dominion Hill property. Beautiful vistas, tumbling up rock faces, and wrestling with your own endurance. Fantastic.

It’s where we’re hosting our Institute Of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies intensive this October, and I’m excited to see its potential.

Had a good morning today (albeit my mind was quite scattered), focusing on some of our creative youth initiatives going on in St. Stephen – though the classic post message exhaustion (and shades of depression) did hit on occasion.

It’s hard to have vision for things; feels like childbirth. On the other hand, too much childbirth at once… now that would be harder still. It’s kind of like… like… an uphill hike, desperate for everyone to climb with you, to see the view that you’re sure is awaiting you – and will bring shared joy.

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