A Natural Wonder: Our Anniversary

Anniversaries are important. Retelling, renewing, reclaiming – all are important ideas in remembering our story in holidays, festivals and special occasions.

My lovely wife and I, as of today, have been married for 19 years. She still takes my breath away, startles me with her wisdom, and draws me to a place where I think I can be whole one day. I couldn’t be more grateful for my shimmering girl.

It’s not surpising to me that today, a day of natural wonder for us in our marriage, that this ensign would appear in the celestial sky. Thanks to Heidi Turner for directing me to it:

Tuesday, October 24, at twilight – about 30 minutes after sunset, scan the southwest horizon for Mercury and Jupiter to the right of the thin waxing crescent Moon, and the star, Antares to the left of the moon and slightly above. Quite an arrangement. (Binoculars helpful!)

I feel like our marriage is remarked on by God in this constellar pattern of dance.

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