A Prayer For Seasons Of Election And Change

The following is a prayer I wrote for times like such as we are in, particularly for those of us around the world in a hard season of elections, even as we continue to walk through this pandemic and the personal concerns we all have.

I pray it encourages you – if we call Jesus Lord, then our singular goal is to become like Him through all that comes our way. This prayer aims to give us words to pray to this end. It is posted it on Facebook here as well.

A Prayer for Seasons of Election and Change


May I, ever and today, be moved by an inner life, not an outer change.

May the way of Christ become the way I choose tonight, tomorrow, next year – the way I have been in training to walk (1 Corinthians 9:25-27).

May I forget neither my Source nor my Hope, no matter what may come, no matter what I may feel, no matter how others may respond around me.

I remain who I’m committed to become, and to become like, and will not be moved from that path (Romans 8:29).

I realize that because I follow You I do not have the liberty to demonize another human being, regardless of their ideology or views, as I stand firm for my own.

When you walked on earth you taught us who our true enemy is (Ephesians 6:12). You taught us that the moment we see the other as our enemy, we have begun to look the opposite direction of You (Matthew 5:44).

I will choose my enemy wisely, the one whose works You came to destroy (1 John 3:8) – so I don’t spend my life fighting the wrong battles.

Lord help me to stand for what I believe in while dignifying everyone else of whom I speak. Help me so that I may dignify myself as I dignify them, and that I might have influence when You are truly speaking through me.

Your arms are open to all, and I am as open to being shown to be wrong as I am open to being shown to be right.

Forgive me, Father, for being committed to listen to, and obey, the messages on my news station of choice more than I am committed to listen to, and obey, your Word, for slowly becoming like those I hear on my news more than I am slowly becoming like You.

You said, “In your anger, do not sin” (Ephesians 4:26).

When I am angry, Lord, I will bring it to You before I spread that anger to others. I understand that the anger I feel over some things may be the same anger others feel – who I have judged – about their own cause. I now have more empathy for their pain and how they look and sound when they express it. Injustice can make one feel sick. May we all be healed.

For Your sake, Lord Jesus, use the machinations of this world, of our time, to train me to love like You – stronger, deeper, and with renewed resolve.

My first allegiance will ever and always be to You, just as has been true for millions who have followed you, through millions of elections, in millions of places and times across history.

No celebrity will walk with me through the joys and trials of life.
No politician will walk with my children, my grandchildren, or my great grand children, through the joys and struggles of their own lives.

Only You go with us forever; let your life and your story be the one everyone hears from my lips.

If I can pass that on, I will truly change their future. They will be able to respond no matter what happens in their day, in their time.

This is my prayer.

All for You, Jesus, my King,


[Dan Wilt, Nov. 5, 2020]

Be encouraged, Christ is in you,

Dan +


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