A Resource For Communicators: North Point Community Church

This is a good resource for young communicators to “grow by watching.” Check out any of the Louie Giglio flash messages, or Andy Stanley.

Good visual intro work by their design teams (see Louie’s series called “Alive”), too.

Good communication is good communication. Good communication recognizes the context and the target group; it can bend and shape itself to the ears and hearts of the listeners to meove them to action. It can be slick (like these, in front of many with solid budget for pro graphics), or it can be artful with sweet informality.

Emerging expressions of the church should not hide behind “informality” to pass off bad communication. Yes, the orators of our day are the musicians and the artists, but a timely word, well-spoken, has been a skill needfully since the beginning of time, and the Church.

North Point Community Church: Sermons Online

Here’s their married life ministry, too. Interesting stuff: Married Life – because good marriages don’t just happen.

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