A Sample Wedding Service For Couples

I’ve officiated many weddings over the years, and here is a sample wedding service to give you ideas as you plan your own.

Sample Wedding Ceremony
  • Prelude (seating of main family in the front, groomsmen and groom take place)
  • Processional (bridesmaids come in, maid of honor, then bride)
  • Welcome (from the presiding pastor or priest)
  • Presentation of Bride (“who gives this woman…)
  • Scripture Reading 1
  • Scripture Reading 2
  • A Word About Marriage (presiding pastor, 10 min. or less)
  • Worship Song or Two
  • Exchange of Vows (personally written or Book of Common Prayer)
  • Exchange of Rings
  • Optional: Couples Communion, Candle Lighting, Sand Mixing, etc. with some special music while it happens
  • Presentation of Couple (“you may now kiss the bride!)
  • Postlude
    (Receiving Line)
    (Reception Instructions)

Your Wedding Day is a special day. Get creative, and enjoy the celebration of commitment and covenant marriage was designed to be!

Dan +

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A Sample Wedding Service For Couples

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