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Thanks so much for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile or when you subscribed. Or, if you got here another way, thanks. My name is Dan Wilt, M.Min., and my life’s work is to serve the flourishing of the human heart in faith, in hope, and in love in God’s sacred world. You can read my official bio here.

The following is more narrative than a bio (like life), shows a few of the directions this invitation, this calling, has taken me over the years.

My Life & Work

I belong to a few others. I am a child of God, the husband of my beautiful wife, Anita, and father to my three greatest treasures Anna Siranouche, Abigail Marie, and Benjamin Daniel. My father, mother, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, and cousins come from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, and the small towns that nestle there.

Over decades, I have been privileged to serve as a social worker, songwriter, university professor, designer, author, pastor, worship leader, chaplain, and friend.

I am deeply committed to furthering an ancient-future vision of worship in the 21st century church, encouraging both its sacramental and creative expressions.

You can read my official bio here.

My friends say nice things. Friend Paul Baloche said these kind words a few years ago: “Dan Wilt cares deeply about the worldwide church and how it worships. His ministry is both deep and wide, connecting musicians with the past, present and future. I wholeheartedly endorse his important work.”

Even hairier friend John Mark McMillan said: “Dan Wilt is a really wise teacher on worship…. He (Dan) instructs us that worship is more than music, but it can be renewed by music. Dan give lots of great insights on leading congregational worship, and on music in general – always reminding that worship ultimately involves our whole lives.”

I am the the designer and creator of the respected Essentials In Worship CourseI’m also the founder of the 40K+ member WorshipTraining.com (an online training media library for worship teams). Much of my work has been to serve churches, colleges, and worship arts programs across many streams in the spiritual and skills formation of creative leaders.

I serve with the Vineyard Movement of churches in the US as the Director of Communications and Resource Development, and also provide tools and encouragement to worship leaders and communities through my blog at www.DanWilt.com.

Then there’s the podcast. For many years I had the privilege of doing a radio storytelling spot on the worshipping life with Keep The Faith Radio Magazine. I spoke to nearly 2 million listeners globally, every Saturday and Sunday, with a call to passionate worship in all arenas of life.

Now, to reach others, I’m putting those energies toward the Dan Wilt Podcast, located here on iTunes.

More If You’re Interested

This is my personal blog, and it is focused on the idea that “worship is about everything, and everything is about worship.”

In other words, I care about worship in all its facets, and I care about what happens in creative leaders’ lives, from what we do on the platforms God has given us, to how we live behind the scenes with our spouses and children. I love to chat about innovation, the creative process, and worship.

I lead in life with a tribe of friends called the Wild Pear Community, which is a collective of remarkable human beings, artists, worship leaders, songwriters, and alumni of programs I have run throughout the years.

I’ve also written a number of books and ebooks, like A Well-Worn Path: 31 Daily Devotionals For The Worshipping Heart (with Cook Publications). You can see all of those here on my Amazon Author page.

I live in Franklin, TN with my beautiful wife, Anita, and three amazing children – Anna, Abigail, and Benjamin. I also lead worship at the Vineyard Church of Franklin. I typically post 1-2 times per month.

My Top Posts

Here are a few of my posts that have stirred significant interest, so you can find something that might be helpful to you:

You can search with the bar at the top of this page for other resources, or you can go to my Blog archive of all my posts.

My Broader Biography

I am the son of a real coal-miner’s daughter from Pennsylvania. As an author, communicator, artist, musician, educator, songwriter, and spiritual life writer, I work in various ways to further a “New Creation” centered vision of the Christian life.

I have taught in the areas of Worship Arts Studies and Spiritual Formation in various colleges (formerly at St. Stephen’s University), and love working in that setting. I am possibly most well known as the Founder of WorshipTraining.com, a website serving 30K+ worship leaders, creative leaders, and influencers globally from many denominations and countries. I have written numerous books on worship, the spiritual life, and the how-to’s of everyday living (see the collection at Amazon).

Driven by a passion to see the Church engage with culture on every level of society, my life’s work is to help “unveil worship in everyday life.” To that end I write devotionals, tell stories, and want to learn better how to care for our families, to serve the poor, to love those we prefer to hate, to establish healthy spiritual habits, to engage in meaningful relationships, and to share generously – imaging the Jesus-Life through days marked by lavish love.

I also formerly worked with a variety of leaders through my media communications company, Wild Pear Creative (www.wildpearcreative.com), as a voiceover artist and media training designer (CMT, Department Of Defense, Word Entertainment).

Books & Ebooks

My body of book and ebook work includes:

… and numerous CDs and DVDs with Vineyard Worship. I also have few hundred resources at WorshipTraining.  And yes, I also play the hammered dulcimer and write modern hymns with my ambient duo, Dunn & Wilt (www.DunnandWilt.com). I serve with Vineyard USA and Vineyard Worship in many different areas, and love the stream of the church into which God has called me. I live with my wife Anita, and three children, Anna, Abigail, and Benjamin in Franklin, TN USA.

My Contact Information

If you want to contact me, you can do so via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You can also subscribe to get my posts via email here. Your email, when you subscribe, is confidential and will never be shared with anyone. You’ll get a confirmation email to confirm, and then, voila – we’re connected.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to the future. Take Hope; God is near, right now. He is aware of what you need, and is not far from your thoughts. Stay close, stay faithful, and stay strong in Hope.

With friendship in a bigger Story than we could imagine,


You can read my official bio here.

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  1. Your article, “About | DanWilt.com” was indeed very
    well worth writing a comment on! Really desired to admit you truly did
    a good work. Thanks -Cassandra

  2. Wanted to say hello–remembering our friendship from Messiah College. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anita and your family.

  3. Dan,

    Thanks for your honesty. I just came across your blog regarding “The Worship Crash”. Great thoughts…Took some time to read a few other posts, love your prospective. I am on staff at a church in Seattle. My wife Rachel and I recorded a few Vineyard albums back in the day(early2000’s). Great experience. Anyway, I’ll keep reading:)


  4. dear Dan,
    almost 23 years ago you were in “Tübingen” for teaching about worship. As far as I know you were the worship pastor in Toronto vineyard then. To me It was a very special and precious time. In a spiritual way but also in a practical way.
    I still remember and also use the “wheel” of worship. I allowed myself to “modify” it into the wheel of love which has also to be well adjusted.
    I really appreciate your deep and honest thoughts and writing.

  5. Springfield’s M1A is proof an engineering amazing. I have got met many administrators who spend an inordinate amount of your writing, because it’s for them to find just the excellent words to think their messages effectively.

  6. You’ll find it practically extremely difficult to see well-educated people on this area, even though you come across as like you fully grasp the things you’re preaching about! Thanks

  7. Dan,
    We walked up to the franklin theatre today hoping to watch the Christmas Eve show of miracle in 34th street and found out it was sold out until, a lady at the front window said she had two tickets for free. 0n the ticket it mentioned your wife’s name and we just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude as we were just trolled to be able to watch the show. A Christmas miracle! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and Merry Christmas!
    Nicholle and Lance