Alley Videos: Dan Wilt – “A Heart That’s Beating” (@danwilt)

New Alley Video from yours truly. “A Heart That’s Beating” – check it.

Alley Video Community Rules:

The Alley VideosĀ (for songwriters of any genre) have common elements. Join in the creative play, and give gracious input to others.

1. must use an iPhone or Smartphone,
2. must be a complete or close-to-complete song,
3. no introduction or extro words,
4. must find a unique place to video like an alley, dumpster, rooftop, etc.,
5. ideally have 2-3 acoustic instruments and a harmony,
6. have others there if desired,
7. simply put “Alley Video: Song Title” in your YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook title,
8. post it around, and give others gracious feedback (even if it’s not your genre of song or want to rip it apart).

Ready… go.

Join the movement.

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