Announcing: Perspectives On Worship Book Release

perspectives-on-worshipPerspectives On Worship: Five Views, a book of which I am a co-author, is now released through Broadman Holman Publishers.

Here is where it is available from

Comparing and contrasting views on liturgical, traditional, convergence, contemporary and emerging forms of worship, we engage in a responsive reflection on one anothers’ perspectives on worship and its leadership in 21st century culture.

In contributing to this work, I have come to believe it to be an important book in the emerging worship conversation, and a helpful foundational exploration of the worship forays we are about to make into the future. Truth is, I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to take the conversation embodied in the book to a number of university forums (in a conversational, coffee and cushy chair, in-the-round audience format).

It’s exciting to see it finally released, as we wrote our pieces and responses for it a few years ago now (this poses some challenges given how one’s ideas shift in short periods of time).

We’ll use this in our Institute Masters program here, but if you want to enrich the worship thinker (i.e. worship leader, pastor, pal, or yourself) in your life, please order a whack of copies!

It is a rich dialogue between my co-authors and one another, looking at worship from the liturgical, traditional, blended, contemporary and emerging perspectives. Dan Kimball and I have some very similar views, so it was interesting to see the applied theological mix in the group.

I am privileged to have written it with Dan Kimball, Ligon Duncan, Michael Lawrence and Mark Dever, and Timothy Quill. The fact that Dan Wilt is among that list of diverse worship thinkers, is an honor.

Of course, the last author mentioned is quite a handful, so buckle your seatbelt!

Perspectives On Worship: Five Views
Broadman Holman Publishing

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