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2 thoughts on “Are You Living In Your Element?

  1. What joy there is when you choose to live in your element. I especially love being in the fire element, the empowered life! We draw on our Savior’s power, live out of our passion for Him doing what we love because He put it there. What a great God who places individualized passions in our hearts so that we can use them o glorify Him.

  2. I like this idea of living in your element. I know what it is to do something that feels like a waste of time and the feeling that God has other plans. I know what it is like to not feel motivated and then to choose to throw the sails up in the wind and go for an exciting ride.

    I heard it said that you should do for a living what you would do anyway if money wasn’t an issue. I think a lot of people spend the best days of their life in a job they don’t want to do but think they have to in order to make a living. I did that for a short while and changed professions. I decided to use the talents God gave me in something that would honor God and myself.

    I once work an office job and felt like I was spinning my wheels for nothing. So I decided to become a music minister and I feel I’m in my element now. It’s something I’d be doing anyway even if money wasn’t an issue. I want to worship the Lord and honor him with my life. He gave me music and so I give it back to him.

    The earth element is about keeping a responsible head about yourself. I wouldn’t do anything irresponsible as far as that goes. For example leaving my family to pursue an idea irresponsibly would wrong.

    The wind element is good to remember. We all can forget to set goals and dream. We need to continually set new Godly goals and create and dream for what to do with our lives. God is creative and we are in his image, he made us creative and this adds wind to our sails.

    The fire element is fanned by the wind in our sails. We can become excited to do new things for God as we create and set goals. Just remember Proverbs 16:9 and don’t hold your breath.

    The water element is important for fellowship and accountability. God works through his people and we’re not here to do life on our own. Sometimes we have a blind spot and friends can help us with that. I’ve also notice that the more offended I get with a rebuke, the more it’s true.