Artful Voices Must Be Heard

I’ve decided again, just today, that the raw artist voices in the emerging church world must continue to speak in language that is not necessarily familiar, nor easily accessible.

I will go on record – I am incredibly grateful for the accessibility of much of today’s Christian music – it breathes life into my wife and children powerfully, beautifully and vitally, in the face of many challenges.

I will also go on record saying that the Christian music industry is struggling to find a way to elevate important voices that will not make them big bucks.

Both/And is the way of the future. Retellings of the Human Story that bring wholeness and insight must be shared. I suppose I’m projecting again; speaking to myself as much as anyone else. My musical work, now running in the background and changing over the years, in the face of a season holding no recordings and no one in line to make them, is to write toward this present, and this future.