At Estes Park in Denver, Colorado

I am in Denver, Colorado right now with a few hundred worship leaders from the Vineyard movement in the US.

It’s a rich time of interaction, retreat and renewal for these GreatHearts who weekly lead the saints before the throne of Grace.

If you’d be willing to pray for us as you read the rest of this post, I’d be very grateful.

I speak tonight on the topic of the Elemental Leader, from 7-10’ish, Mountain time. Then I lead worship tomorrow eve, same time’ish.

Renewing many friendships, new and old, is always the greatest gift to me. A packed Starbucks this afternoon was buzzing with friendship, and moments of shared life all around.

I would appreciate your prayers for great connections, and a strong time for these worship leaders. They deserve it. Praying for my beautiful wife and children would be appreciated as well.

I’ll tell the group, and my family, you’re praying for us.

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