At The Meeting House

Right now I’m in Oakville, Ontario with Craig Douglas and the worship leadership crew of The Meeting House around the region. They are a church of a few thousand that is “church for those who don’t like church,” and blend a movement away from religious systems with emerging and ancient ideas of living faith in the world. They’re connected with the Brethren In Christ community, which Anita and I were connected with for years.

We’re having a retreat exploring some rich issues of the heart for worship leaders. Craig and his wife have a beautiful family, and its been fantastic to reconnect with my good friend, and senior pastor of The Meeting House, Tim Day. (Some of you may know of the teaching pastor, Bruxey Cavey).

Anyway, we head out now, so your prayers as you read this post would be so appreciated.

We’re doing some teaching, interaction, prayer ministry and song sharing, along with some delving into the heart, ancient ways, worship worldview and creative instinct.

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