Aubade: On Evoking Daybreak

Good friend, writer, student, musician and wordsmith Emily Davidson penned this piece in the midst of a worship time at a recent gathering. She has astonished me many times with the moving wisdom that flows from her young but seasoned spirit.

It’s my privilege to share its themes with you here:


(definition: A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or
evoking daybreak)

Here we stand,

Friends and fathers,

The whisper of things to come around our ankles.

We face the dawn,

Sing into being a break in the night,

See beyond the black a world lit white with promise.

Here are our dancers, our poets, our lovers,

Here are a million stories,

A thousand upon thousand things yet to be done,

In the rush of the tides a multitude of faces upturned.

Here we make our stand,

Clasp the hand next to us and face the day,

Breathe anew the winds of a vision so large it overflows the eyes and sets

thundering to the tribal rhythm of the God of a thousand tongues.

Here we stand together,

Even unto the rising of the sun.

Emily Davidson, January 2007

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