Be Good.

I try to take morning walks every day for an hour, listening to music that stirs me and mingling exercise with the pleasure of walking places within – toward which only good music can take you.

This morning’s walk was along a lonely stretch of highway haunted by occasional trucks and a few cars heading to workplaces around the area of our small town.

I scrambled up on some rocks that overlook the highway, our hamlet, and the evergreens that canvas the New Brunswick landscape.

“How lovely,” I thought, “To know that today the gift of life will be shared by so many, in so many ways, in our little corner of the world.”

“How sad,” I also thought, “That so much pain will be shared between individuals in homes, schools and streets across this same terrain today.”

To be good in a moment is one thing. To be tenaciously good, to choose to invade the pain in our communities, and to simultaneously enjoy the gifts that life brings to our doorstep every day, is quite another.

Be good today. Choose to enjoy the goodness brought to you, and to invade the world you call your own with a goodness that springs from God’s divine life bustling within you.

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