Life In The Way Of Life

“Do not forget that the value and interest of life is not so much to do conspicuous things… as to do ordinary things with the perception of their enormous value.” Teihard de Chardin My morning ritual consists of rising, tenderly kissing my wife good morning,

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Quest For The Perfect Christmas Tree

Boots rustle in the foyer. Coats are slowly lifted off of hooks; scarves and gloves are extracted from baskets designating each owner’s name. There is a hush in the room. Eyes dart back and forth, hearts race in various states of nervousness, unbelief, courage, fear

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Coram Deo: The Event

CORAM DEO (a night of acoustic worship) …acoustic worship …ancient hymns …contemporary songs …prayers from all streams of the Church, …candles and images, …extended time to linger in the presence of God. Coram Deo is a Latin phrase meaning, “…in the presence of God.” Held

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IdeaMill: Useful Links

This company apparently helps you get your idea in front of corporate eyes: This company aids inventors, apparently:

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