Bose Sound System

This post, below, is continuing to generate some great feedback, and we need more. Interest is high, and I’ve chatted with Bose about the need in contemporary church band settings to try this puppy out.

Anyone else interested in this new Bose sound system, or has used it and can open our eyes – is it really too good to be true?

Small, portable, great sound with a new paradigm for live music?

They’ll send a rep to your area to try it (Test Driving A Bose), and Musician’s Friend sells them, too.

Bose has done their homework, but it’s such a new paradigm. Live band pics are here. Here are their FAQs, and their trouble-shooting page is worth looking through to see what others are dealing with.

Original Post:

“I admit, I’m tired of hauling and setting up gear as a musician. Twenty years ago, I might not have said this. Now, even for smaller events that need some amplification, you take whatever is available, and often that is a larger system that you just turn down low.

We all want quality, full-range sound, flexibility and multiple channels to work with.

I’ve been hearing about the Bose Sound System. The setting for us would be a cafe’, 25 x 25 room that would use it for bands (classic drums, bass, electric, vocals, percussion), and acoustic sets.

I’d love some feedback on it.”

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