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Can Our Current Vision Of Worship Alter The World?

(Part 3 in the Worship White Noise blog series) I admit at the outset of this book, that I am one of those who is both immersed in, and enamored with, the riches of faith displayed in and through contemporary worship music. I lead it. I write

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Who Cares About The State Of Worship Today?

(Part 2 in the Worship White Noise blog series) Like you, I care about many things. For my part, I have realized that for over 25 years of my life one of the things I care about most is worship. I cry when I talk about it.

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My Life As An Acolyte

(Part 1 in the Worship White Noise series) I remember the moments in the back stairway, behind the sanctuary, like they were yesterday. Clothed in a black robe and with a shimmering white collar, I knew I was in my element the moment I first walked

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Worship White Noise (Free PDF)

Worship White Noise is a call for change. A profound biblical vision of a life at worship has been shrunk to the size of music and church services – and 7 worship culture shapers can change it. Could a transformed vision of worship enable the

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