Open With The Same Song – Every Week

Why repetition can be a gift to a worship leader and a congregation

Every week, every worship leader has the hard task of choosing one song that will open the set and provide a spiritual and musical on-ramp to the rest of the worship experience. What if you tried something unexpected – like repeating the same opening song each week for a season?

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You’re planning your next set asking the same kinds of hard questions you always do, in a similar order. One in particular leads the way…

Matt Bramstedt | Dan Wilt – “The Song Inside Of Me” (Lyric Video + Song Story)

And my heart beats like a drum, You are the song inside of me.

The song that moves you from the middle of the hard night to the beginning of a bright day is rarely one that is perfect, polished, or presented with a bow. It’s usually the one that’s honest, full of passion, and helps you say something that is true and right. That’s the power of of spiritual resolve – choosing to declare Kingdom truth until our feelings learn to follow. The Song Inside Of Me is a new song of celebration and resolve for the Body of Christ.

The Song Inside Of Me
Matt Bramstedt | Dan Wilt

[key of B, A, or G, chart download at bottom]

I’ve got to sing, I’ve got to sing out
I’ve got to shout, I’ve got to shout out
The One and Only, the King of Glory
You are the Song inside of me

You are the joy that I’m declaring
Releasing hope for all to carry
God, You’re alive, reclaiming lives
You are the Song inside of me

| Prechorus |

And I will sing, a song to bless Your Name
Shout it out, proclaiming Christ who reigns
To our God, You are the risen King
You are the Song inside of me

| Chorus |

And I will sing, like the sun
Shout it out, You’re the worthy One
And my heart beats like a drum
You are the Song inside of me


New Song: I Choose To Follow Again

I just noticed that I wrote this song almost exactly one year ago. We write, and it comes back to us.

“Just wrote this, from the gut and as a personal prayer, here in Kelowna, BC on a late night.

It was born as a personal prayer in what is a challenging season, for hearing a Voice beyond ourselves, and being awake to the next moment of choice.

In many ways, it feels like a song about the Church in an emerging world (I’d change it to “we” language), and our quest to follow in the midst of the tumult. Could we indeed dream again in the midst of such radical cultural challenges the Church is facing?

In the last lyric, the “vision” can be two-fold – the personal whispers of God to you about your life and vocation, or the vision of the New Creation to come to compels us to continue forward as followers of Christ.

Below the vid is the chart and lyrics, and feel free to use it can serve your journey with God as well.”

I Choose To Follow Again
Dan Wilt

Verse 1
Bm7                                      A
Deep calls to deep, in the roar of Your waterfalls,
G                                                   Em7                    A
Love to calls to love, from the depths of Your heart,
Bm7                                       A
Hope calls to hope, as the years sing Your faithfulness,
I in this moment recall

A        D/F#                          G
I know, You say it’s time to go again,
A          D/F#                         G
I know, You say it’s time to dream again

D D/F# G            D/F#
I will live for the moment
G                       D/F# G                                       A
When You speak the word, and I choose to follow
D D/F# G              D/F#
I am awake to the moment
G                       D/F#         G                  A          Bm7 (vamp)
When You speak the word, and I choose to follow again

Verse 2
Faith calls to faith in the presence of mystery
Light calls to light in the womb of the dark
I will believe, though the vision is far from me,
I will believe it will come

© 2009

Before All Things (Christ Hymn), New Song for Easter and Beyond

Here’s a new (corporate worship) song I wrote both for Easter and for regular corporate worship use fro Col. 1:15-20, the Christ Hymn. A rough ‘demo’; just me in our den worshipping with it – and a Flip HD camera. Imagine symphony and loop behind it if you would – season it with your own harmonies.

My scholarly brother-in-law, Ed Gentry, challenged me to write something out of this beautiful Christological hymn passage in Paul’s letter.

It’s laced with all the new creation, resurrection, Christocentric themes inherent to Colossians 1:15-20. The chord chart is below; feel free to use it. (Excuse the wallpaper, and mediocre keyboard playing!) Emerging churches will like it’s themes, I think.

Artist and pal Joel Auge (On The Blue) helped me shape the final chorus.

By Dan Wilt, M.Min.
Ref.: Col. 1:15-20

Vamp: G D Em7 C

Verse 1
You are the image of
God invisible,
Em7                                C
You’re the firstborn over all creation;
By You all things were made,
Seen and unseen worlds
Em7                                      C
From earth below, to heights of heaven

Am7                         G/B                       Dsus
Every throne, and power and ruler here,
Am7                  G/B          C
Owes a vow of loyalty to You…

You are before all things,
You are beyond all things, and
Em7                                            C
Everything is held together in Your hands
You are the Head of those,
Who call upon Your name, and
Everything is changed because You
Rose again

Verse 2
You have supremacy,
Over all that is,
For God was pleased to fully dwell in You
Through the death you died
All is reconciled
Every part of this creation will be new

We sing a song of new creation,
We sing a song of resurrection,
We sing a song of new creation,
Let Your Kingdom come (repeat)

© 2009 Dan Wilt, M.Min.,
The Institute Of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies