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Your New Mother Tongue Of Thankfulness

Enter with the password: “Thank you!” Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him. For God is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever.  Psalm 100:4-5 (The Message) Photo by [Mark Rasmuson on Unsplash] The daily gifts of God are many – vibrant, lush, and ever present

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Spiritual Formation

The Hurry In Me

Have you been slowed down lately? Paused by a challenge that weighs heavy on you as an unwelcome burden – a whole body drag that sets your pace slow to slower to slower still? Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to

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Daily Rhythms

Do You Remember?

The other day a vivid memory caught me by surprise. While in the middle of a challenging situation, a seemingly disconnected moment from my past – standing on a street corner on a clear evening years before – flashed through my mind. It was a

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Spiritual Formation

The Tectonic Plates Of Spiritual Formation

One grave misunderstanding about spiritual formation is that it is focused solely on, primarily on, the toning of the bedrock of our inner, hidden life. But what is true is that what you see on the surface of a person, on the surface of you,

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People Of The Fierce Hosanna

In Mark 11:1-11, Jesus is entering the Great Jerusalem, meaning “City of Shalom, City of completeness, wholeness, of God’s all-permeating Peace.” But as the Prince of Peace enters – the Prince of Shalom Himself – a holy mess is about to be made. Jesus marks the

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