Pieces In Positions Of Power: A Chess Analogy

My son and I have been wondering this forever.

White: Queen on Left of King,
Black: Queen on Right of King.

The battle begins.

Now, we’ve been playing for years with the pieces out of order. The game will change ever so slightly, but possibly dramatically. As the Church wrestles through its current standing in society, maybe the pieces have been out of order.

We’ve played with the dualism of Platonism (sacred/secular/spiritual/physical) and Gnosticism (who holds the spiritual keys of power and insight/de-humanizing Jesus) in a prominent place on the board – for millenia. Postmodern worldviews and playful psuedo-historical musings (Da Vinci Code) have exposed some flaws in the game. Let’s go back to the basic layout and re-evaluate.

Things may need to be repositioned by the community of the faithful. Theological innovation – or theological/anthropological/biblical reformation?

Proper Chess Piece Positioning.