Christmas EvenSong: Stars Tell

The following is a Christmas Eve Gift to all of my friendsacross the world. It is my hope that it gives birth to stars of hope within you, as bright as any star that shon that night our Story turned.

A chant melody accompanies this, but I am unable to record it at this time. For now, the Christmas evensong lyrics are the gift to you.

Stars Tell
A Christmas EvenSong
Dan Wilt        

Stars tell

An ancient rhyme

To children’s ears

Who listen hard

For voices swift

Aloft on wings

To whisper truth

To shout the word

That stills the fear

That breaks the lock

That lifts the veil

That holds us all

That fight the hate

That warms the heart

That bleeds the blood

The wine of life

That breaks the bread

That life renews

That gives us all

Our name and home

Among the stars

Who speak this night.

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