Contributing Friend Highlight: Kathryn Scott at WorshipCentral

Kathryn Scott CropContributing Friends Tim Hughes (WorshipCentral) and Kathryn Scott ( are always bringing great gifts to us as worship leaders and worshippers, and to our Members.

You’ll want to take a few moments to check out Kathryn’s post on “Where Our Treasure Is.” As always, Kathryn speaks from the riches of her own journey into intimate friendship with God, and her local church leadership life. Check it out here: Kathryn Scott at Worship Central – Where Our Treasure Is.

Here is the post below from WorshipCentral:

We are right at the start of building a place of our own for church. It is the most exciting and daunting project all at once. It’s the opportunity to facilitate so much more of what we’re called to do a community – and to create space in our place for those who haven’t yet made their journey towards Jesus.

It feels very grown up!

One of the things that excites me most though as I look at the steps right in front us now is the opportunity to give again.

It’s the things that are the most important to us that cost us the most. And, in the most wonderful way, they are meant to – even our money!! Of course it never takes long to remember that everything we own has been given to us by God in the first place – in real life, it all belongs to Him!!

What I love is the chance to give back: to shout a loud ‘I love you God’, to offer a renewed ‘I’ll follow you wherever you go’, to treasure all over again the stuff of the kingdom over the stuff around our lives.

When we give, we remember that we are not our own. When we remember that we are not our own, we turn our attention fully again to the One who gave everything for us….and in that moment, everything that we cherish most is right in front of our eyes.

Katherine has been leading worship since 1997. Mentored by Brian Doerksen (Faithful One, Come now is the time…), she wrote and recorded the song ‘Hungry’ for VIneyard Music in ‘99. Since then she has recorded two solo albums with Integrity including songs like ‘At the foot of the cross (Ashes for beauty), ‘You’re Good Lord’, ‘Search me, know me’ and ‘I Belong’. Katherine lives with her husband Alan and two little girls in Northern Ireland, where they pastor the Causeway Coast Vineyard together. For more visit

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