Coram Deo: The Event

CORAM DEO (a night of acoustic worship)

…acoustic worship …ancient hymns …contemporary songs …prayers from all streams of the Church, …candles and images, …extended time to linger in the presence of God.

Coram Deo is a Latin phrase meaning, “…in the presence of God.”

Held in church buildings (or other facilities) that are architecturally beautiful, Coram Deo is a night of acoustic worship designed to wed the best of the contemporary worship experience with the worship riches of the past.

Blending hymns, chants, contemporary worship music, prayers and the Eucharist, all enfolded in the aesthetics of beautiful architecture and inspiring environment, Coram Deo is a 2 hour experience of ancient-future worship.

Coram Deo has been especially effective in building bridges between the contemporary worship experience and the liturgical worship experience.

For an example of this type of event, see:

Coram Deo: A Night To Remember

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