Creative Collaborations: Stirring The Waters

The other evening I creatively collaborated with good friend, Jeremy Dunn.

Jeremy is an excellent musician, and we are working on a project bringing clearly presented hymns to the table – with a savory flavor all our own.

After a session the other night, working out some parts, we realized that we shared a similar taste in sounds and song direction that both of us found quite refreshing.

When I came home, I felt a bit healthier in soul than I had in some time, and realized that the creative waters in my spirit were stirred. I began to work on a few other songs, and welcomed some fresh creativity to the table.

I encourage you, if you have had to still some of the creative or artistic sides of you due to time, the wear and tear of life, or otherwise, to begin to “creatively play” again.

When the angel stirs the waters, jumping in could get you healed.

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