Creativity Parts The Waters Of Chaos

front-light-squigglesOne of the most vital ideas that rumbled in our Masters program these past weeks was the idea that creation, and creativity, parts the waters of chaos and brings order.

We remember the scene at the beginning of creation, where the waters above are separated from the waters below, and creative order comes to the world we call home. The “waters” have always represented, for the Hebrews, chaos and tumult. We see these same views of the “waters” in Babylonian lore (Enuma Elish) and other ancient near eastern visions of the world.

Our exploration called us to see God’s creative activity as a “chaos stiller,” a necessary ordering of that which is in disarray. As creative leaders, our own creativity can “part the waters” that surround us and others, and lead us to a place of peace and ordering.

As I personally worshipped and prayed playing the keyboard this morning, my prayers found their way to surface, and I was reminded once again of God’s nearness in my seasons of painful growth.

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