Creative Combustion

If the nature of a human being is essentially relational, made in the image of a God who has self-revealed Himself to be in community with Himself (and us by invitation), then creativity is at its finest when explored within community.

(Here’s a .pdf article I wrote on the biblical basis for the creative impulse for Inside Worship Magazine: Sacred Creativity by Dan Wilt)

The creative spark is always looking for wood. Wood is awaiting the creative spark to molecularly transform. The spark by itself has only its own fuel to burn, and thus quickly consumes itself.

The wood has no catalyst, no bridge of transformation to release it’s fiery, blazing energies, without an igniting touch.

Together now, the giving spark and the inviting wood begin the primal dance of thermodynamic synergy.

Creatives always gravitate toward a community that understands them, embraces them, affirms them and inspires them. If they don’t find it in the Church as community, they’ll find it elsewhere.

Creativity is at its finest when explored within community.

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