Dan’s Twitter Weekly Update for 2010-02-27

  • A sweet 10 year old girl beside me just closed her eyed and sang with 10th Ave North that God's hands will hold her no matter what may come. #
  • Face today with the force of faith and the will to worship – find that God is not far from your expectation or your intention. #
  • Great Worship Leaders are… http://bit.ly/b04nZb #
  • Just spent the evening with one of my dearest friends, Bruce Ellis, and his songwriting son Sam. What a gift they are to me. #
  • @seandayton thrilled for you Sean and Amy! in reply to seandayton #
  • Break through your fear with this memory – God has not destined me to fail; He has plans for me, and is with me in their fulfillment. #
  • Great night with life friend Bruce Ellis and best budding songwriter in Nasville Sam Ellis. Memories. http://twitpic.com/14wjzi #
  • It's the living that tires the soul, but the Life that sustains it. You know where the Life is – reach out again today. #
  • RT You are never too far into your lifetime to embrace God's call. Your past is vital your present. http://bit.ly/YMnZV #
  • "Are You In Your Element?" http://bit.ly/YMnZV #
  • Filming tonight in downtown Nash – hard to prep for these things with so much colored popcorn bursting in my soul. http://bit.ly/YMnZV #
  • Post filming, downtown Nash rockabilly at Robert's Western World on Broadway with Ellis pals. Real deal musik http://twitpic.com/150sn8 #
  • RT I will believe that God is acting – even when the evidence seems to the contrary. #
  • Excellent live call with Andy Park on "Hard Questions For Worship Leaders." Always full of insight and wisdom, he is. #
  • I climbed and I climbed only to find that you had gone before me. #
  • Excellent post on caring leadership at our friends, The Awaken Group – http://theawakengroup.com/e-newsletters/january2010/ #
  • Excellent post on caring leadership from our friends at The Awaken Group – http://bit.ly/d7Ecjj #
  • Excellent audio piece on creative greatness by Erwin McManus on Sky Radio (American Airlines) http://bit.ly/6kUgUR #
  • Just finished being interviewed by Don Moen for his radio show – he asks all the right questions. #
  • "Are you in your element?" http://bit.ly/bwWXgC #
  • Buzz over public music missionality in cafes, restaurants, pubs and even brothels . Where is comfort needed? http://bit.ly/9DjVM7 #
  • @louiegiglio Looking forward the wisdom boys. in reply to louiegiglio #
  • The Elemental Life course next Friday, 2 for 1 – join me, Lewis, Dillard, Foster to get tools for your spiritual life. http://bit.ly/aKa4ib #
  • Break the cycle. You can do it. Grace is near. #

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