Dan’s Twitter Weekly Update for 2010-04-03

  • Just awoke in Nashville. Here in Spirit -bod, mind , etc dragging in. Thanks for praying friends and fam! #
  • @chriswtburke Heart and skill remain the bar – held in tension but integral to the leadership call. We expect other roles to carry both. in reply to chriswtburke #
  • Do you find that offering your life to God daily brings peace in the midst of the struggles that inevitably mark the day? #
  • Ministry leaders—want an iPad from @NeueMag and Craig Groeschel for your church? Enter to win one now: http://bit.ly/cdov9L #
  • Getting ready for our Final Week course calls for Essentials Green and Essentials In Spiritual Formation – amazing time! http://bit.ly/AE07z #
  • An Exclusive Preview Of The WorshipTraining Campus – http://eepurl.com/mrwn #
  • Entering into our Live Devotional Call with Dietrich Bonhoeffer on ‘Life in Community’. I mean… we’re live…. http://bit.ly/dxDgAi #
  • Drawn back to song “He Is Risen” co-write with great pal Bruce Ellis. It’s a personal Big Day favorite; have led it for years without tire. #
  • Thank you – the problem with Getting Things Done – http://bit.ly/dpbcei #
  • “Live A Lasting Story” – say yes to the stars in the sky – http://bit.ly/YMnZV #
  • Peace is not simply the absence of conflict – it is the presence of a Person. #
  • Hanging this am with scout troop leader and company cultural architect @erwinmcmanus – we’re good scouts in the quest for human flourishing. #
  • Killer meeting with @erwinmcmanus today – fashion, film, faith, culture – time for a generation fo believers to lead the way. #
  • Having a great time with our friends from Mosaic and McManus Studios. Synergy tastes like dark chocolate – 70% cacao http://bit.ly/3wsqzE #
  • No walls words from today – faith film fashion culture worship worldview music art business Jesus church sacrament imago healing passion. #
  • Perseverance is the most grueling of tasks, but the most welcome of traits. Add tenacity to your character, and you have added success. #
  • Good Friday: Every death holds in it’s womb the potential for resurrection. Death – where is your sting? #
  • RT If Good Friday means anything, it means that our pain is entered by God, shaped by his touch, and transformed into resurrection. #
  • Up early to take beautiful daughter Abbi to the airport for her visit to St. Stephen. #

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