Dan’s Twitter Weekly Update for 2010-04-24

  • Driving to North Carolina with oldest daughter, windows down, Ok Go's "Invincible" blasting – "please use your powers for good." #
  • Now the car is filled with Jon Foreman's "Again" – the Matrix has become a sanctuary for a Dad and his 18 year old daughter. #
  • Father daughter road trip music notes conclude with "Your Love Is Strong" by Jon Foreman. Loud singing, warm sun, wild Carolina. #
  • Grateful for every independent artist who has something to say, and a unique way to say it. #
  • Regina S's "Laughing With" – no one laughs at God in a hospital – thinking of friends who have endured great pain and risen like phoenix's. #
  • LIVE Devotionall call in Conference In The Cloud at 10 EST; will broadcast live from Nat. Worship Inst. Tomorrow -http://bit.ly/3yDiN1 #
  • Great time with Heather Daugherty at Trevecca – great new Worship Arts program with spiritual formation emphasis http://trevecca.edu #
  • Four young boys, young heroes, just sat with me in my living room. We talked of loving enemies, South Africa's healing, and giving hope. #
  • "Handling Grief And Loss As A Creative Leader" Breakout, 2 pm EST today with Diane Thiel – don't miss her story – http://j.mp/974ElJ #
  • Handling Grief And Loss As A Creative Leader" Breakout, 2 pm EST today with Diane Thiel – stunning – http://www.worshiptraining.com #
  • En route to Fairless, PA to teach at The Northeast Worship Institute, landing in Washington. Will broadcast from event: http://bit.ly/8Z1SmW #
  • In Pennsylvania trying to reclaim my accent; after 20 years away, it seems I have lost it. #
  • Great unveiling the WorshipTraining.com Conference In The Cloud today – thrilled to finally be able to say this exists. http://bit.ly/96v5oP #
  • In a killer keyboard workshop with Chris Springer (Baloche's keys guy) – will post great notes in keys group in Cafe – http://bit.ly/8Z1SmW #
  • @benfreemanokc Indeed. Well, back in the day, we choose what means something to us then. Good golly. in reply to benfreemanokc #
  • Working with MediaShout pal @drewstats setting up Paul Baloche's set. Yes, folks, we do it all. #
  • We were having a problem with finding lyrics for Paul's songs – WorshipTeam saved the day. 2 minutes – 20 song set! http://bit.ly/aDHyUu #
  • Live Update from the Northeast Worship Institute tonight now up on the WorshipTraining Conference In The Cloud – http://bit.ly/cRheFJ #

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