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You and I live in an online world, where thousands of worship leaders can access the same riches, become a learning community, and develop skills that will renew the worship expression of their local context. Worship Training is online… with Essentials.

Desire to grow in Worship Theology?

Understand Worship History?

Dig into Worship Values?

Be transformed in your Worship Spirituality?

Engage in Spiritual Formation?

Grow as a Musician?

Develop as a Pastor and Worshipper?

Be renewed in your Creativity?

Want live Webinars with influential voices, Musician’s Networks staffed by pros, Spiritual Formation Calls, Team Study Tools for groups, Access to a Creative Commons with hundreds of worship tools from around the world, transforming study in Worship and Worship Leadership?

Then welcome to world of Essentials. Click here to see the most transformational online training available in worship. Join Dan Wilt, M.Min. along with media and live calls with N.T. Wright, Brenton Brown, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brian Doerksen, Kathryn Scott, John Eldredge, Richard Foster, Mike Pilavachi, Robert Webber, Don Williams, Derek Morphew, and many others.

The Essentials Course

Essentials Course for University Credit

Essentials TEAM Module (Online Studies in Worship Theology and Biblical Worldview)

Essentials RED Module (Online Studies In Worship History and Creative Vocation)

Essentials GREEN Module (Online Studies in Worship Values and Spiritual Formation)

Essentials TEAM (Essentials Modules, Musician and Creative Leader Webinars, Spiritual Formation Calls, Team Study Tools, iTunes U Media Library, and value-packed articles and retreat templates to build your TEAM!

Spiritual Formation Calls (24 Spiritual Formation calls with Dan Wilt, M.Min. and Richard Foster’s Devotional Classics – Lewis, Oden, Bernard of Clairvaux, Theresa Of Avila and more)

and so much more.

If you care about worship, in all its forms – then Essentials Online is for you.

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