Day 11 of 06 Institute Intensive

We’re coming into the home stretch in this year’s 06 Intensive, with ideas on convergence in worship, soul fattening, carmelite spirituality (3 Theresas), the journey of worship leadership (Brian Doerksen), biblical studies in worship, leading and writing for 21st century culture, rite, ritual and pattern in worship, and more shades of theology and anthropology poking through.

One thought that has been enriching to us all – that worship is intended to rehumanize the worshiper, and not to dehumanize. In the realm of musical worship expression, songs that identify the brokeness and joy in the heart (lament and celebration) can rehumanize, and dignify the person worshiping through those songs. When only joy and peace are emphasized in our song selection, or the different phases of our leading, they can dehumanize people over time by painting an unspoken facade that joy and peace “should be” the defining marks of Christian experience.

Very rich thoughts continue to come up from our mine of exploration. We’ve developed some sweet levels of community, and each participant has been so enriching to the rest of us. It will be hard to say goodbye – though some are considering further study with the Institute. That would be exciting – to share a longer journey together.

Your prayers for our final days here would be so appreciated. We are questing for a worship worldview that reflects all of life, renews all of culture, resounds with all of time, and reimagines how we express contemporary worship in our generation. What a joy this has been.

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