Derek Paravacini: Musical Savant

Again, in the midst a world that bases human value on so many insubstantial measurements, Derek Paravicini gives voice to the glory of God in the human image.

Especially watch the 1 in a Million clip – a gift. When I think of how many today diminish the spiritual and transcendent in such anomalies of hard-wiring, I’m amazed at the amount of faith they must exercise.

By the way, this man is blind, and by tests thinks in the manner of a three-year old.

Thank you God for for Derek as a living ensign to things beyond – thank you Derek’s parents for giving him the chance to live.

Derek …on 60 Minutes; Exclusive Video Only on Yahoo! News

And, for good measure, another man who they call “The Human Calculator.” Daniel Tammet has no visible disabilities that go with his talents.

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