Echoes Of Origin Spirituality: Mayda del Valle at The White House

This video excerpt from a White House poetry jam is a vibrant expression of the quest for primal roots, spiritual connection, and the fountain of some form of faith that resonates in human beings.

Mayda del Valle’s poetic voice is both musical and lyrical, and her passion invested in her words is strong.

This is also an example of how art does not always need to be factual, or even true; but rather, art can be a soul questing for truth and connection with things beyond the artist. Her blend of theism and paganism is an interesting mix, and she suggests her “Abuela” (grandmother) was told the God in whom she should believe.

But, getting past this, listen for the image of God pulsing through in a quest for reconnection to origins.

As always, hear the words and the spirit in which they are spoken, contextualize them in the art, the person and the place. Now, opening our hearts to reflection…

Our Questions: What if God uniquely and particularly speaks through one tribe in our human family, the Jews, and yet the echoes are heard throughout the whole of the human family? How do the echoes in this piece ultimately reconnect us with the living truths communicated by Jesus? How should this work and its themes fit in your Christian faith grid?

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