EdenQuest: On Circular Destiny

This is simply the beginning concept behind a re-Storying of human destiny that I will be working on articulating through the next year.

In essence, EdenQuest means this: “Human beings are destined to return to their purpose as revealed in our beginnings.”

The works of Jeremy Begbie, N.T. Wright and our community here at St. Stephen University will add to this expanding vision of seeing Jesus’ message, as the New Adam calling forth an alternative humanity, as a reclaiming of our beginnings.

This is circular destiny, only the arrival point is not the beginning – it is the culmination of an orchestration enhanced by both its tensions and resolves, moving us toward our original purpose.

Note: I have made one edit above, changing the word “history” to “destiny” in both the post title and body content. Thank you to Joel and Shlomo for aiding me in seeing what might be a confusing idea for some.

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