Emerging Church: Signs & Wonders

The centripetal spirituality post is rising in views and activity over at Ginkworld.

We’re having very interesting discussions on the role of signs and wonders in the emerging world and the emerging church.

I’m fascinated by how the emerging Church discussion bends so cerebral, when so much of the drive behind it is an intuitive and instinctive impulse that the Church must change, as a caterpillar in a chyrsalis.

An excerpt from a contributor:

“According to Newton’s first law of motion, it is the natural tendency of all moving objects to continue in motion in the same direction that they are moving … unless some form of unbalanced force acts upon the object to deviate the motion from its straight-line path. Objects will tend to naturally travel in straight lines; an unbalanced force is required to cause it to turn. The presence of the unbalanced force is required for objects to move in circles.”

Very interesting!! So we are continuing in a straight path, on our own, until we connect with the force of God which causes us to deviate and turn. Our lives literally become “centered” on God which is “seeking the center” (centripetal force). If God is the epicenter, Christ is the “string” (or whatever) that connects us to God and keeps us from being flung out into our own path leading nowhere. (outer darkness?)

So, I guess we can either be “center-seeking” and remain, or “out there-seeking” and disconnect. You bring up some good points in asking what is it that keeps us connected.”

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